Home Entertainment Yul Edochie cries for aid following accident involving Director

Yul Edochie cries for aid following accident involving Director


Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie cries for help following a ghastly car accident involving a movie director who suffered vital injuries

In an Instagram post, the father of 5 revealed that a Nollywood director, JP Nwanganga had been in a serious accident and lacked financial help.

Yul Edochie begged Nigerians to help JP Nwanganga recover from this ordeal, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

Describing JP as one of the most amiable personalities in the industry, he pleaded with well-meaning Nigerians not to wait until it’s too late to show support while providing JP’s contact number on his social media platform.

In his words;

“Dear Nollywood and fans of Nollywood, one of our directors was involved in a fatal accident. I hear his spinal cord is broken. His name is JP Nwanganga.

One of the coolest directors in Nollywood. PIs let us get him back to his feet by every means possible. Let’s not wait till he dies then we start posting pictures.

His phone number: 07065483866.”

Accident: Yul Edochie calls for help as movie director battles spinal cord injury

In another post, he added the significant roles the movie director played in his life and also efforts to impact young talents in Ebonyi state.

“@johnpaulnwanganga1 brought me to Ebonyi State 2 yrs ago to inspire film makers in Ebonyi.

And I know he has done same with other big Nollywood stars.

He is a good ambassador of Ebonyi State.

He was involved in a ghastly accident.

He is in a critical condition, unable to walk.

Dear Ebonyi State Government, pls come to his aid.

His number: 07065483866.

I can’t find their Instagram page.

Any one who knows it pls tag.

Thank you,” he added.

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