Home Entertainment Veekee James beams with joy as she appears on CNN

Veekee James beams with joy as she appears on CNN


Popular fashion designer, Veekee James, elated and grateful after her first appearance on CNN

In an emotional feature, she recounts her modest upbringing, living with her mother in a small home, where she first discovered her passion for fashion.

With determination and skill, she began creating clothes in her mother’s living room, later pursuing her dreams at college in Akwa Ibom.

Veekee James’ journey reached a milestone in 2020 when she moved her mother into a new home, symbolizing her success.

Now, she hosts a design program, showcasing her growth and accomplishments. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Veekee expresses her thanks to her supportive friend Tomike and her growing audience, who have contributed to her flourishing career

“Just a girl who came from nothing and trusted GOD and didn’t He do it?

I’m on CNN you guys 😩😩 I don’t know how to feel 🥺,” she captioned the video.

Watch the video below: