Home Entertainment Toyin Lawani opens up on her health after six surgeries

Toyin Lawani opens up on her health after six surgeries


Fashion designer and stylist, Toyin Lawani has shared her inspiring journey of healing and recovery after undergoing six surgeries

Toyin Lawani opens up on her health after six surgeries

She expressed gratitude to her medical team, family and friends for their support throughout her ordeal.

Lawani had been experiencing challenges with breathing and speaking after an emergency tracheotomy surgery, which left her vocal cord damaged.

She thanked God for her newfound strength and ability to speak again, acknowledging that her journey is far from perfect but expressing gratitude for the progress made so far.

She wrote;

“Yesterday was a huge step to recovery for me, The last image was before my last surgery a few months ago. I have had 6 surgeries in total now and currently in therapy. That was the lump I had growing in between my vocal cords , after my tracheotomy tube was removed from my throat, the tracheotomy left my vocal cord ruined ,as it was an emergency surgery to save me cause I stopped breathing , and I couldn’t speak for months.

“A big thank you to all my Amazing team of doctors who have been working on me tirelessly for months to get me back on my feet and thanks to wonderful and my amazing family for being by my side all through ,
all through this ordeal. Told you all I was going to take two years off cause my doctors told me it will actually take two years to get me back to speaking and breathing properly again, Cause most times I stop breathing in my sleep
And my meds keep making me blow up.

“I still wake up paralysed atimes, Still have a bad leg and still have pains from the implants in my neck, But in all I thank God, But it’s a year today and it can only my be the glory of the lord that I can hear myself speak and make sounds , and not struggle so much while I speak , while the chest pain is less ,

“It’s not perfect but I’m grateful, My thanksGiving and big come back is coming.
Help me thank God for this new phase, I’m on bended knees in his glory

“Thank God we don’t look like what we are going through. Starting my speech therapy next week, wish me luck, And a big thank you to my Amazing clients, Fans, Godbless you all”.



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