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Tennis star, Carlos Alcaraz attacked by insects


Carlos Alcaraz’s tennis play is sweet like honey … and clearly, some bees thought so too — ’cause a huge swarm forced him off the court!

Carlos Alcaraz’s playing

The second-best men’s player in the world took the court Thursday to take on Alexander Zverev during the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells, but ended up contending more with a cloud of the dastardly drones when the match was tied 1-1.

Alcaraz tries to simply swat a few of the irksome creatures away from his face before realizing his bug problem’s a whole lot bigger than he thought.

Carlos Alcaraz’s been disturbed by bees

CA keeps his cool for a bit while the sideline official explains the situation to the audience … but the bees buzzing around his head proves to be too much for the Spanish star.

Carlos starts swinging his racquet around wildly before running toward the tunnel away from the court. He also pulled up his shirt over his face to protect himself — and let’s just say, it was quite a sight … like something out of “Sleepy Hollow.”

In the end, it sounds like Carlos took some damage from all this — his agent says he got stung on the forehead during the melee, although it’s unclear to what extent he was hurt.