Home Entertainment Taylor Swift seen WIPING SNOT on her costume

Taylor Swift seen WIPING SNOT on her costume


Taylor Swift was caught wiping her snot on her Eras Tour costumes as she performed in Edinburgh, Scotland through freezing temperatures, which were reported to be between 48 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit

Taylor Swift seen WIPING SNOT on her costume

According to a video posted by a fan on X, the “Bad Blood” singer could be seen wiping the boogers from her nose as she walked onstage in the cold weather.

When the pop star put her hand back down near her sparkly green mini-skirt, the snot could be seen hanging from her fingers.

After the videos surfaced, many fans had mixed reactions to the very “human” situation.

“i’ve seen 3 different videos of taylor wiping or licking her boogers in the past 30 minutes, she needs to take some tissues with her up on that stage,” one person tweeted.

“this video of taylor swift eating her boogers and throwing snot on the stage keeps popping up. honestly, eat ur boogers in private idc but on stage is insane,” another added.

However, one supporter wrote, “What is the problem here? Shows that she’s human just like everyone when they don’t have access to a Kleenex.”

“so ppl are bullying Taylor today for *checks notes* wiping away boogers? it’s giving obsessed but okay,” another tweeted.



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