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Shakira confesses her love for Burna Boy


Shakira, has professed her admiration for Afrobeats and African music

Shakira confess her love for Burna Boy and Afrobeat
Shakira confesses her love for Burna Boy

In a recent interview, she expressed her fondness for Grammy-winning Nigerian artist Burna Boy and rising South African talent Tyla.

Shakira characterized her musical preferences as eclectic, honest, and authentic, showcasing her appreciation for the vibrant rhythms and genuine energy of Afrobeats.

Shakira’s love for African music is a testament to the genre’s global appeal and influence.

Afrobeats have been gaining popularity worldwide, with many artists incorporating its rhythms and styles into their music.

Shakira’s appreciation for Burna Boy and Tyla demonstrates her commitment to authenticity and her willingness to explore diverse musical traditions.

She said:

“If I could explain my taste in music in three words, I would say eclectic, honest and real.

“I love anything Afrobeats. I like Tyla, I like Burna Boy, anything Afrobeats. But I love Burna so much.”


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