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Ruth Kadiri reveals how Pregnancy caused her to post on YouTube


Ruth Kadiri, a prominent Nollywood actress, has shared her inspiring journey of venturing into the world of YouTube

Ruth Kadiri reveals how Pregnancy caused her to post on YouTube

She revealed that her motivation to upload her movies on the platform stemmed from a desire to have a space where she could share her stories without any restrictions or limitations.

Initially, Kadiri faced discouragement from others, but she chose to ignore the naysayers and pursue her vision.

Her determination paid off, as she now boasts an impressive two million subscribers on YouTube.

The idea to share her content on the platform came to her during a period of boredom while she was on maternity leave abroad.

During this time, she discovered that some individuals were uploading their films to YouTube and decided to follow suit upon her return.

Ruth Kadiri’s decision to join the platform was driven by her passion for storytelling and her desire to connect with a wider audience.

Despite the presence of competition on YouTube, Kadiri remains unfazed, recognizing the numerous opportunities that the platform offers.

In her words:

“I have been a producer for a long time but there are too many rules and regulations during production,”

“So I called my team and told them that I want an opportunity to express myself. For instance, if I see something online I want to learn it and after learning, I want to upload it somewhere.

“When I travelled to give birth, I was bored and started watching a lot of musical videos and noticed that some people put their films on YouTube.

“I told myself that I’ll come back to try it. Some people discouraged me and told me that there is no money in it. But because I needed a platform to express myself and tell my stories, I decided to try it.

“I told my team that we should shoot and if the film is not good enough, we will learn and use it as a learning process.”

She added:

“Personally I don’t worry about competition and I feel like as filmmakers, we are at the fore front and we hustle.

“If you remove YouTube from the industry, apart from filmmakers and content creators, people will go hungry.

“YouTube is an opportunity for a lot of filmmakers to make money and that’s what is happening now. Because YouTube is what is feeding people now.”


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