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Ruger discloses why he ended his beef with BNXN


Prominent Afrobeat artist, Ruger has spoken out about ending his feud with fellow musician BNXN, citing the destructive nature of comparisons

Ruger disclose why he ended beef with BNXN

In an interview with Beats FM 99.9, Ruger discussed how fan comparisons fueled their three-year beef, but they ultimately chose to focus on creating good music together.

He noted that while comparisons can be harmful, they are also a necessary aspect of the industry, driving entertainment and competition.

Ruger highlighted the importance of prioritizing quality music, referencing their collaborative EP “RnB” as an example of talented artists working together to produce great sound.

By moving past comparisons and distractions, Ruger and BNXN were able to put their differences aside and create something special for their fans.

In his words;

“Comparison is a killer of joy, but it’s necessary for the game. This is what is entertaining these people. The arguments and all that.”

“We looked beyond that (the comparisons) and asked ‘How can we push good music together?’ Because there’s a lot of distractions now in the music space.

“Some people are releasing things that are not good, but they are using money to push it and it’s flying. If you look at the ‘RnB’ project, it’s very good music,” Ruger said on squashing his beef with BNXN and collaborating on the joint EP ‘RnB’” he added.