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Reaction As Portable, Bobrisky Bombard Themselves With Heavy Curses Over Award (Listen)



The ongoing fight between Bobrisky and singer Portable might not come to an end soon following a lengthy audio of them making the rounds on social media.

The viral audio depicted how Bobrisky and Portable entered each other DM on Instagram and started raining heavy curses on each other.

It all started after crossdresser Bobrisky becomes one of the trending conversations online after she bagged the award of Best Dressed Female at the movie premiere Ajakaju “Beast of two worlds” which was held on Sunday night March 24th 2024.

Bobrisky did not just win the Best Dressed Female at the star-studed event, he was also rewarded with the sum of N1million for bagging the award.

This development did not go down well with many including controversial singer Portable who took to social media to call out Bobrisky.

Portable frowned at the judges of at the movie premiere stressing that they are promoting bad influence in the society for giving Bobrisky such an award despite the number of actresses at the Movie Premiere.

According to Portable, Bobrisky doesn’t deserve the award as he is supposed to be in jail for being a crossdresser and also promised to beat him up whenever he sees him acting like a woman.

Upon hearing what Portable said about him, Crossdresser Bobrisky fumes and then starts raining curses on the singer and his entire generation.

Bobrisky refers to Portable as being unfortunate adding that if everyone is talking not someone like Portable who is a dead-end being.

He refers to Portable as a useless person for having different babymama who he couldn’t afford to take care off.

Speaking further, Bobrisky promised to deal with Portable by making sure he is arrested and forgotten in the prison.

Moving on Portable claps back at Bobrisky as he averred that he can’t do anything to him, rather he would be the one to report him to the police for promoting gay in society.

Disclosing the different between him and Bobrisky, the former said that as a singer his family and his people are proud of him while it is contrary for Bobrisky whose family can’t be proud of his way of life.

The DM of Bobrisky and Portable get messy as they keep raining heavy curses on themselves in the lengthy audio.

Listen below;