Home Entertainment Portable cries out after being hospitalized again

Portable cries out after being hospitalized again


Nigerian singer Portable, known for his controversial persona, has shared a heartfelt plea for support and prayer from his hospital bed

In a series of Instagram posts, he expressed his struggles with physical pain and emotional turmoil, revealing that he’s been hospitalized multiple times.

Despite his challenges, Portable remains resolute, declaring that he has no regrets and will continue to be himself, even in the face of difficulties.

He encouraged his fans to embrace their individuality and let go of stress, trusting that blessings will follow.

In a throwback video, he shared a moment of introspection, acknowledging that growth and success often come with pain.

He confessed that he thinks and feels deeply, and despite the ups and downs, he finds solace in prayer.

He wrote:

“Pain all over my body somebody pray for me I don’t want to die young.

We don’t regret we go hard you can’t be comfortable being you in the mist of people that don’t want you. Be you let the stress go and let the blessings flow. Zazuu am coming stronger”.

“No panic I still dey feel pain am alive bobo no go die young.

“No pain, no gain. I face a lot, I think a lot. The moments, the memories, the pain, the happiness all I need is prayer somebody pray for me On God”.