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Peru’s President replaces six ministers over Rolex watches


Peru’s President Dina Boluarte has replaced six ministers after they resigned abruptly, following a new political scandal involving luxury Rolex watches allegedly owned by her, further shaking up the country’s already turbulent politics. 

The resignations, including that of the interior minister, came amid an investigation into allegations of illicit enrichment against President Boluarte, who faces scrutiny over her ownership of high-end Rolex watches.

Police and prosecutors conducted raids on the president’s home and office over the weekend in search of evidence related to the origin of at least three Rolex watches, although Boluarte denies any wrongdoing and claims to have purchased the watches with her own money.

Interior Minister Victor Torres announced his resignation on Monday, followed by the education and women’s ministers, all expressing support for Boluarte and criticizing the police raid as unnecessary and excessive.

Torres cited “family and health issues” as reasons for his resignation, while the other ministers did not provide explanations for their departures.

Later on Monday, President Boluarte announced three additional resignations from her cabinet, including the production, trade, and agriculture ministers, appointing six new ministers in total, reshuffling roughly a third of her 19-person cabinet in a single day.

Among the new appointments, Walter Ortiz, who previously led the interior ministry’s organized crime unit, will now serve as minister, overseeing national police affairs.

These developments come as Boluarte’s prime minister, who assumed office last month, seeks a vote of support from Congress, amid concerns that the opposition-controlled legislative body may withhold its support for the prime minister.


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