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Osun police warn DOG OWNERS


Osun State Police Command has warned residents rearing dogs to ensure they keep their pets within a confined area to prevent them from attacking people

Osun police warn DOG OWNERS

The command said it constitutes an offence if a dog owner fails to control his or her pet and, while the animals are left unrestrained, attack people.

A press statement by the command’s spokesperson, Yemisi Opalola, obtained in Osogbo on Sunday said there have been increasing incidents of attacks on people by dogs in recent times.

The command subsequently enjoined members of the public rearing dogs to restrain their pets in their houses in cages or put them on leashes.

The police further said it was necessary for dog owners to take such steps, as doing so would reduce attacks on people.

It also advised owners to vaccinate their dogs in order to reduce the risk of contracting rabies virus, in the instance that the pets bite people.


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