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Old videos of SaidaBoj as a skitmaker, emerges online


Nigerians have been mocking influencer Saida Boj after old videos of her resurfaced online, just days after she sparked controversy by placing a price tag on her relationships

SaidaBoj had appeared as a guest on the podcast “Honest Bunch,” where she made statements that drew widespread criticism.

She claimed that she wouldn’t consider dating a man unless he could provide her with 20 million naira, owed to her beauty and worthy of pampering.

Amidst the online backlash, old videos of Saida Boj have emerged, showing her early days as a skit maker.

In the videos, she is seen wearing multicolored makeup, tattered clothes, and sporting unkempt hair.

These videos have garnered significant attention from social media users, who are now ridiculing her for her perceived hypocrisy and transformation.

The resurfaced videos have added fuel to the fire, with many users mocking her for her past appearance and current demands.

See below;

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@Riskyrichy: “You can tell she’s from a broke family. No wonder. Dear men run from girls from broke families. Not because of anything but because of their local mentality 🤦‍♂️”

@Sanyesky: “Esther was black and broke but when Esther start Ashaw0 20M Esta did what ???????”

@Chiomaegbo: “Who even told her she’s beautiful? 😂”

@Footprints_ng: “Ohh! She’s also a failed skit maker? 😂”

@Kemicutie: “Okay ,she don try normal contents tire he no work🤣🤣🤣 no wonder she start to misbehàve dey misyarn🤣🤣🤣”.


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