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Music promoter defeats P-Square in court


Peter and Paul Okoye known as P-Square and their brother Jude Okoye, have been ordered to pay a promoter the sum of N25 million

Music promoter defeats P-Square in court

The order was directed by the Supreme Court of Nigeria after it stamped a case filed against the musicians in favour of Mr Patrick Arueze who accused the singers of breach of contract.

According to reports, Arueze invited them to perform in a show in Benin City in 2011 but the team did not show up and he instituted a suit against them at the Edo State High court presided over by Justice Esther Edigin as she then was, for a breach of contract.

Attempt by the Okoyes to reverse the judgment through a motion dated 3rd of October, 2016 was dismissed by the court.

Dissatisfied by the decision, the artistes filed a motion of stay of execution at the Court of Appeal, Benin Division which was dismissed and they later issued a cheque through one of the commercial banks.

However, when the cheque was presented to the bank, the musicians instructed their lawyers to file a motion at the court of appeal Benin Division to stop the payment but the court dismissed the frivolous motion.

As the legal works continued, the Okoyes filed a motion at the Supreme Court seeking to appeal against the ruling of the Court of Appeal which dismissed their motion to stop the payment of the cheque they issued and joined the bank in the motion.

The opposing counsels faulted the decision as the bank was not a party at the court of appeal.

Justice Uwani Musa Abba-Aji agreed with the arguments of Mr. Patrick Arueze represented by a team of lawyers led by E. O. Afolabi, SAN, Dr. Samson Osage, Mrs Nosa Festus Ajayi, and others.

The Supreme Court however struck out the application of the applicants and awarded one million naira as cost for the application.

Speaking on the judgment, Afolabi told Vanguard that “Arueze got judgment against them and they now sent a cheque but when we wanted to cash the cheque, they went to court to stop it, the court refused, they went to the Court of Appeal which also refused their stay of execution, they went to Supreme Court and the lawyer now joined the bank who is not a party to the suit at the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court was not happy and awarded N1m cost against P-Square and their lawyer did not appear.

“With this judgment, the applicants are to pay over Twenty five point eight million naira having accumulated since 2014 with 20 percent interest.”