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Miss Universe finalist drags ex-lover to court; says he ‘punched me 30 times in the head’, but he DENIES all allegations


The ex-lover of a Miss Universe finalist accused of punching her in the head 30 times told a court yesterday she ‘got pregnant on purpose’ and ‘stalked’ him after the alleged attack

Miss Universe finalist drags ex-lover to court

Ricky Lawrence, 32, allegedly punched his ex-girlfriend Chloe Othen, 33, in the head 30 times, strangled her and dragged her along the floor by her hair in the early hours of 15 October 2022 after a text message row.

The whisky merchant is also accused of biting her, taking her phone and stopping the model from leaving his £1.5million flat in Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge.

Miss Othen, an Instagram influencer with 301,000 followers, said she feared she would die after Lawrence allegedly grabbed two knives and threatened to slit her throat at his apartment.

Giving evidence yesterday at Nightingale Crown Court in Holborn, central London, Lawrence told jurors she ‘got pregnant on purpose’ and had his ‘life f***ed around’ when she ‘decided to get rid of it’.

Lawrence denies a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He previously told the trial he had not kidnapped Miss Othen as she had claimed, and instead said to her partner at the time Bora Guccuk: ‘There’s no kidnap, this is my address. You come and pick her up, she won’t leave.’

Lawrence told jurors he was ‘relatively calm in general’ and denied being jealous of Mr Guccuk.

Prosecutor Sheilagh Davies, cross-examining, put to Lawrence that he had a temper, to which he said: ‘No’.

Put to him that it was ‘pretty stupid’ to invite Ms Othen around to his flat, Lawrence said: ‘I would say pretty stupid to get involved in the first place, but hindsight’s wonderful.’

Ms Davies said: ‘You were obsessed with Chloe and didn’t want to let her go,’ to which Lawrence replied: ‘No, I wasn’t. Absolutely not.’

The businessman denied a suggestion from Ms Davies that he ‘begged’ Ms Othen to continue their relationship.

Examining WhatsApp messages sent on the morning of October 15, Lawrence told jurors Ms Othen’s messages were ‘very blunt’.

Put to him by Ms Davies that Ms Othen seemed ‘concerned’ in her messages, Lawrence said: ‘If she was that concerned that I was abusive, she wouldn’t have come to my house.’

Put to him that he attacked, bit, punched and threatened Ms Othen, Lawrence said: ‘I’ve never threatened to stab or kill anybody in my life.’

Lawrence said he decided to film Ms Othen so that she could pay for damages in case she broke anything in his rented, furnished flat.

Ms Davies suggested Lawrence tried to ‘blacken’ Ms Othen’s name by calling her a heavy drinker in his prepared statement to police, to which he replied: ‘It’s the truth.’

Asked by the prosecutor if he regarded Mr Guccuk as a ‘rival’ for Ms Othen’s affections, Lawrence said: ‘No’.

Lawrence claimed Ms Othen arrived at his flat drunk and carrying a bottle of Corona.

He accused her making ‘a grab for my genitals’ before lying down on the sofa and trying to go to sleep.

Lawrence denied sending any threatening messages and said in response of Ms Davies accusing him of being violent to Miss Othen: ‘No absolutely not.

‘She got pregnant on purpose and then when I said I’d put money aside to look after her that everything was going to be fine.

‘She decided to get rid of it, so I was the one that had my life f***ed around.’

Lawrence’s former girlfriend and Love Island star Francesca Allen, 28, also gave evidence in which she said she had ‘never known’ her ex to be aggressive.

The trial continues.