Home Entertainment Men must have N50mil before marriage – SaidaBoj

Men must have N50mil before marriage – SaidaBoj


Influencer Saida Boj has stirred up controversy online by stating that a man needs at least N50M before getting married

Men must have N50mil before marriage – SaidaBoj

During a podcast with Popcentral, she emphasized that financial readiness is crucial for a man to take care of his family.

Saida Boj argued that marriage comes with significant expenses, including supporting his wife, children, and other responsibilities.

She believes that a man with less than N50M would require an “understanding wife,” which she advises women against being.

Her comment has sparked a heated debate online, with many criticizing her for setting a high financial bar for marriage.

While some agree that financial stability is important, others see her requirement as unrealistic and materialistic.

The controversy highlights differing views on the role of finances in marriage and relationships.

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