Home Entertainment Mayorkun denies knowing Influencer Nicki Dabarbie, vows to sue her

Mayorkun denies knowing Influencer Nicki Dabarbie, vows to sue her


Nigerian singer Mayorkun has finally broken silence after controversial influencer Nicki DaBarbie’s arrest

In a recent tweet, Mayorkun denied ever knowing or meeting Nicki DaBarbie, stating he had no idea where her allegations came from.

While still detained, he vowed to press charges against her.

Mayorkun also expressed frustration with the gullibility of internet users who quickly spread negative news without seeking clarity.

He clarified that he never met Nicki DaBarbie on the alleged day or at any other time, and only became aware of her existence after the accusations flew.

He emphasized that he would not let the allegations go unaddressed.

Mayorkun took time off to avoid reacting emotionally, but imperatively speak out due to the impact on his career and personal life.

He criticized social media commentators and internet police for seeking clout and relevance by jumping on baseless claims, potentially harming individuals’ lives and careers.

Claiming innocence, Mayorkun stated that he has never seen Nicki DaBarbie before and doesn’t need an apology.

He aimed to set the record straight publicly and will pursue full charges, undeterred by her current prison detention or others’ opinions.

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