Home Entertainment Mary Njoku dedicates Havard university achievement to late sister

Mary Njoku dedicates Havard university achievement to late sister


Mary Remmy Njoku, a Nollywood actress, has achieved a remarkable feat at Harvard University, and she’s dedicating it to her late sister, Eucharia

Mary Njoku dedicates Havard university achievement to late sister

In an emotional Instagram post, Mary reflected on her journey since being accepted into the prestigious university.

She proudly announced winning the Harvard OPM64 Idol award, outshining 170 successful entrepreneurs from 48 countries, and bringing honor to her local government.

Mary Njoku nostalgically recalled their childhood dreams, now turned into reality, and expressed her deep longing for her late sister.

She wrote a heartfelt letter to Eucharia, celebrating her achievement and wishing she was there to share in the joy..

In her words: “Dear Nwakaego Remmy.

“I won the Harvard OPM64 Idol! 💃💃💃 170 super successful Entrepreneurs from 48 countries! And I brought it home for my LG. I Guess you already know. Cos I believe you are interceding for me in heaven. It feels so surreal that I got into the most exclusive program at arguably the best business school in the world! The BEST. Who new our dreams were valid, we would have spent less time worrying about our future and just enjoyed being kids.

“When you left, I doubted if God ever loved me. How could he be so selfish. Keeping you to himself. I still hurt. Very much. As I type this supposed goodnews message to you, I feel so sad. I would have preferred to share this moments with you. Efiko like you. Na you for first me reach here sef🤣🤣.

Sitting on a bench under a tree, like a student that I am, people staring and wondering why I am crying, smiling and typing. ‘Dem fit think say I don craze’ and they are right.

Crazy things have been happening to me all my life. Where people take the stairs, he provides a lift. Where people run, he gives me wings. I am staring at my case study, unable to process anything cos I am still in awe of his goodness in my life. And I miss you. Sooooo much! Sooooo much. Especially today.

“I have to go now, it’s Linda’s last class today. Don’t want to miss it😉. And as the only Nigerian in the Program, I cannot ‘fall our hand ‘😉 It’s SCHOOL o CLOCK!! Rest on sis. Love you always. Nnenna.”