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Man watches wife dr0wn trying to save dog in river


Gail Lloyd tragically drowned while trying to rescue her dog in a swollen river near Wrexham. As Gail’s husband, Martin Lloyd, attempted to reach her, he too faced danger in the fast-flowing River Clywedog.

Despite efforts by passers-by to help, Gail could not be revived.

The heartbreaking incident unfolded during a walk at Erddig Park. While walking their two dogs, Gail spotted their Fox-Red Labrador, Cadwy, struggling in the river and jumped in to save him. Martin, realizing the danger, tried to reach her but couldn’t.

Witnesses, including William Cossins participating in a Parkrun, rushed to assist. Despite their efforts, Gail couldn’t be saved. The cause of death was determined to be drowning.


The coroner recorded the incident as accidental, highlighting the tragic circumstances. Gail’s selflessness was remembered fondly by those who knew her, with online tributes expressing gratitude to the Parkrun team for their help and support during the tragedy.