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Kim Jong Un ‘selects 25 virgin girls every year to serve him in his Pleasure Squad’


Kim Jong Un takes time each year to select 25 virgin girls to entertain him personally in a disturbing ‘pleasure squad‘, a North Korean defector has claimed

Kim Jong Un ‘selects 25 virgin girls every year to serve him in his Pleasure Squad’

Yeonmi Park, 30, alleged that officials ‘visit every classroom and… even go to school-yards in case they missed someone that was pretty’ in their horrifying searches for young women, according to The Star.

After undergoing medical examinations to check they are still virgins, the women then ‘have to learn how to please these men—that’s their only goal,’ she said.

According to the outspoken YouTuber, Kim’s officials select women based on social status and attractiveness, reserving those deemed the most attractive for the despot himself, with ‘less stunning members… ordered to cater to the needs of lower-ranking generals and politicians’.

With rare insight, she claimed the ‘Pleasure Squad’ is broken into three divisions: one specialising in giving massages, another in entertaining through song and dance, and a third prepared to be ‘sexually intimate with the dictator, and other men’.

Ms Park fled the regime as a teenager and was allegedly human trafficked in China before ‘escaping hell’ to reach America, where she has found success through her memoir and podcast appearances, often comparing life in the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ to the US.

Ms Park claims she was fortunate to avoid selection for Kim’s harem due to her ‘family status’, suggesting ‘they eliminate any girls with family members that have escaped from North Korea or have relatives in South Korea or other countries’.

But she said for many, life in North Korea is so dire that parents will happily allow their daughters to be recruited in the hope they might enjoy a better quality of life.

The defector, who has amassed more than one million subscribers on YouTube with her tales of life inside the dictatorship, claimed that the luxury lifestyle is often short-lived, with women cast out when they reach their mid-twenties.

Some will be married off to Kim’s personal bodyguards, she claimed, adding that ‘there are rumours’ that the leader’s ‘wife was originally in the Pleasure Squad’.

Ms Park claimed the system had evolved as a family tradition, with the incumbent leader preferring more ‘slender’, taller and ‘western-looking’ women while his father, Kim Jong-Il had a penchant for round-faced women who would not dwarf him, standing at just 5ft 2″.

Kim Il-Sung, father to Jong-Il, ‘had a more traditional taste in women’, meanwhile, with his own group called the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble, Ms Park said.

Little is known about life inside North Korea, with even fewer details leaked about the alleged ‘Pleasure Squads’.