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K-Pop star Park Bo Ram D!ES at 30


K-Pop star Park Bo Ram has been found dead at a friend’s home aged just 30, according to reports, becoming the latest South Korean singer to die young

K-Pop star Park Bo Ram D!ES at 30

According to police, Park was with two other women at her friend’s house in Seoul on Thursday when she was found to have collapsed, suffering a cardiac arrest.

She was rushed to hospital, but died at 11.17pm, about an hour after she was found.

Police have launched an investigation into her death.

According to news outlet AllKPop, Namyangju Police Station filed a report that said the singer was drinking with her friends.

The report states she excused herself to go to the bathroom at 9.55pm, but did not return for some time.

When her two friends checked on her, she was ‘found slouched over the sink, unconscious,’ the report said. They performed CPR while waiting for emergency responders to arrive at the house, it added.


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