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Jide Kosoko explains how he became a polygamist


Veteran Nollywood actor, Prince Jide Kosoko has narrated how he became a polygamist and also spoke about the challenges he faced after the passing of his two wives within a year

Jide Kosoko narrates ordeal after he lost his two wives

In an interview with Punch, he revealed that his home became like a hotel, with many people coming and going, prompting him to seek companionship and remarry.

Jide Kosoko expressed his distress over being accused of using his wives for money rituals, a rumor he believes was spread by Kemi Olunloyo and others who sought to tarnish his reputation.

He trusts that God will handle those who tried to discredit him.

He said:

‘I have been blackmailed many times, but I sailed through. They have called me a ‘ritualist’ before, which means I am a murderer.

Initially, as a human being, I felt bad. But my skin is too thick for all that rubbish. Instead of feeling bad, I will go on my knees and pray to God to give His judgment.

“And I always see these people get their judgment. I don’t want to mention names. I don’t know anything about what is happening to Kemi Olunloyo and I don’t follow her on social media. Apart from her, there are other people who have rubbished my name in the past

“Becoming a polygamist wasn’t my design. With my upbringing, I am not supposed to be a polygamist.

Though my father was a polygamist, he didn’t marry the number of women I have married.

“My first wife, Sola’s mother, was working with the Nigerian Customs Service. She was not involved in my industry and then I would travel for two months.

“So, I was tempted to take a second wife. But unfortunately for me, in the circumstances I cannot explain till today, I lost two wives within a year.

You can imagine that! So, I decided not to remarry again, though I had girlfriends; I was a ladies ’ man.

“Two of my girlfriends were very close to the house and my friends too would come with their girlfriends.

“So, we were almost turning the house into a brothel. Later, my doctor, a lady, visited me and advised me to remarry.

“She said it was the best for me, insisting that I was too young to be without a woman. I lost my two wives in 1992 and 1993 respectively, and I was not up to 40 then.

“I agreed to take a wife in the long run, but I had two women who were intimate with me – Henrietta and Alhaja Bimbo. Since I couldn’t say no to either of them, I married two wives again.”


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