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I’m good at picking men – Tems


Grammy-award winning Nigerian singer, Tems, recently shared her insights on selecting a partner during an interview on ‘Chicken Shop Date’ with Amelia

I’m good at picking men – Tems

She highlighted the importance of a potential partner’s sense of humor, intelligence, and physical stature.

According to Tems, “I’ve never had a bad date. I think I’m very good at picking men. Just make them your b*tch.”

When asked about her ideal partner, Tems emphasized the importance of intelligence and a sense of humor, stating, “Just intelligence, funny. I feel like funny people are intelligent.”

She also mentioned a preference for a tall partner, although she clarified that height isn’t a deal-breaker.

Tems also shared her love language, revealing that physical touch is essential for her.

She jokingly added that she’s always the one “doing the servicing,” leaving room for interpretation.

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