Home World News HEAT k!lls over 50 in India in 3 DAYS

HEAT k!lls over 50 in India in 3 DAYS


Over 50 people have d!ed in India over the past three days as a brutal heat spell continues to grip parts of the country

Around 33 people d!ed in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh over the weekend due to the heat.

These included people involved in the general election, including polling officials, security guards and sanitation staff – Saturday was the last phase of voting.

In Odisha (Orissa) state, about 20 people d!ed due to heat stroke, officials said.

Every five years, India holds its general election in the summer months of April and May.

But this year, the temperatures have been record-breaking, with the country experiencing frequent, more intense and longer heatwaves.


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