Home Entertainment Harrysong accuses his Ex-wife of infidelity in their marriage

Harrysong accuses his Ex-wife of infidelity in their marriage


Nigerian singer Harrysong has made some allegations against his estranged wife, Alexer, in a recent Instagram Live video

He claimed that she became pregnant with another man’s child while they were still married, despite not having intimate relations with her for over a year.

Harrysong also alleged that Alexer’s mother has been married multiple times and that her current husband has complained to him about her infidelity.

It’s worth noting that the couple had a contentious divorce, with leaked screenshots showing Harrysong instructing Alexer to get an abortion.

Alexer had also accused Harrysong of infidelity and claimed she had to treat infections repeatedly due to his actions.

In the video, Harrysong also claimed that Alexer initially presented herself as a devoted church woman but had different beliefs in reality.

He stated that he asked her to return to her parents’ house upon discovering the truth.

It’s important to approach this situation with sensitivity and respect for all parties involved, recognizing that relationships can be complex and multifaceted.

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