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Family sells their house to LIVE on boat


Rich and Jackie MacKenzie left their traditional life, and sold their house for a daring adventure on a narrowboat with their kids and pets, cutting their expenses in half.

Seven years back, they swapped their brick-and-mortar home for a secondhand 60ft narrowboat. Tired of high bills and stress, they craved more family time. After Rich’s father’s passing in 2020, they took the plunge.

Now, aboard Bluebell, they roam Britain’s waterways, homeschooling their children and embracing a nomadic lifestyle. Rich, once a gardener, now crafts bespoke jewelry, inspired by their journey.

Their annual expenses dropped from £18,000 to £9,000, covering cruising licenses, fuel, and maintenance. Life aboard involves homeschooling, jewelry making, and family adventures, proving that simplicity can lead to fulfillment.