Home Entertainment Eniola Badmus and Laide Bakare FIGHT DIRTY

Eniola Badmus and Laide Bakare FIGHT DIRTY


Eniola Badmus and Laide Bakare FIGHT DIRTY

Nollywood stars Eniola Badmus and Laide Bakare have been exchanging words online.

The drama started over the latter’s outfit to an event, which attracted online mockery.

She later confronted Eniola Badmus, saying she bullied her.

Responding, Eniola Badmus warned Laide Bakare not to incur her wrath, saying she has massive capacity for “vawulence.”

Eniola Badmus claimed Laide Bakare shamed her days ago via her direct message (DM) for not having a child or raising a family.

She added that Laide Bakare mocked her choice of candidate during the 2023 presidential election.

Commenting via Laide’s post on her Instagram page, she wrote: “Madam childhood friend how come you lost your brain in my DM when you were shaming me four days ago, you’re quick to come to the public to say I’m your childhood friend but same you shamed me in my Dm that I don’t have a child and a family but you did not remember I was ur childhood friend in the industry even shamed me for Supporting My President Bola Tinubu….Laide you know me too well that when it comes to Vawlence I AM A WAR LORD.

“The fact that you called me out the other time and I did not reply you doesn’t mean am weak I just decided to let you be OLAIDE SHAKIRAT BAKARE Ori n ta e MICHAEL JACKSON OF OUR TIME”.

Eniola Badmus and Laide Bakare FIGHT DIRTY