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Egg Thief, 71, dodges jail despite 3,000 stolen eggs


Daniel Lingham, 71, caught red-handed stealing two precious nightjar eggs from a nature reserve in Norfolk, dodged his third prison term. Shocking footage revealed him stealing eggs, earning him the title of a ‘one-man machine for devastation.’


Police raided his house, uncovering a staggering 3,000 eggs, including those of endangered bird species. Despite prior convictions, Lingham escaped jail, receiving a suspended sentence due to ongoing mental health support.

Outrage rippled through conservation circles, with officials concerned about the impact on local wildlife. PC Chris Shelley emphasized the negative effects on bird populations and hoped Lingham would reflect on his actions.

Egg collecting, illegal since 1954, remains a serious offense under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Lingham faces strict monitoring, with fines and confiscated equipment as consequences for any further breaches.