Home Entertainment Doyin bemoans Nigerians culture of PRAYER over WORK

Doyin bemoans Nigerians culture of PRAYER over WORK


Reality star, Doyin has shared her thoughts on religion, stating that she doesn’t believe in religious programs or activities

Doyin bemoans Nigerians culture of PRAYER over working

She expressed her views on Snapchat, responding to a fan’s question about why she doesn’t participate in online religious programs.

Doyin wrote that she receives numerous tags and messages about religious challenges and slogans, but she doesn’t believe in them and therefore doesn’t participate.

She clarified that she does not condemn such beliefs, but they’re not for her.

She wrote: “I get a lot of those hallelujah challenge and what God cannot do doesn’t exist tags. People keep sending them to me but I just don’t believe in that type of stuff so I never join.

“It’s not bad… I just don’t believe in it.”

“If it were really by ‘hallelujah challenge’ and ‘what God cannot do’…..Nigeria should be one of the greatest countries by now. We spend too much time praying and shouting hallelujah instead of actually working and being actual good human beings.

“They will shout hallelujah finish and go back to cheating the next person they encounter or judging someone because the person presents themselves differently.

“To me, it’s just a complete waste of time but to each his own. If you believe in it then by all means. At the end of the day, all that should matter is having a good relationship with God and being a good human being.

“If you like, shout hallelujah from now till next year. If you don’t find ways to improve yourself and provide value….you’ll keep shouting hallelujah in hunger.”