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Dani Alves’ family in search of loan to secure stars’s bail


Dani Alves was convicted of sexual assault earlier this month, over an incident that took place in Barcelona in December 2022

The former footballer has since appealed that verdict, and in the meantime, he has hoped to secure his temporary release from prison.

After numerous attempts were denied over the last 14 months, Alves was granted bail earlier this week by the presiding judge in his case.

For €1m, he would be allowed to leave jail, with the conditions that his Spanish and Brazilian passports were seized to avoid him leaving the country, and that he stays far away from his alleged victim.

The problem for Alves is that his bail is yet to be paid.

He is unable to do so himself as he is broke, and Neymar’s father – who had helped him make a compensation payment earlier this year – has refused to pay this time around.

MD have now reported that his family, especially his mother and brother, are scrambling to secure a loan, which would cover the bail amount.

If they can do so in the next 24 hours, then Alves would be allowed to leave prison on Monday, for the time being at least.


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