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Canada begins evacuation of citizens from Haiti


Canada has begun the evacuation of vulnerable citizens from Haiti amidst escalating gang violence and political uncertainty. Foreign Minister Melanie Joly emphasized the prioritization of those most at risk.

The decision to evacuate comes in response to the deteriorating security situation in Haiti, marked by increasing gang control over the capital and surrounding areas. Recent attacks, including raids on police stations and the international airport, have prompted concerns and led to the suspension of commercial flights.

Foreign Minister Joly emphasized the prioritization of vulnerable Canadians, especially those requiring medical attention or travelling with children. Initially, Canada will facilitate travel to the neighbouring Dominican Republic for these individuals.

Approximately 30 Canadians, deemed “travel ready” with the necessary documentation, have expressed their intent to leave Haiti. Additionally, efforts are underway to arrange departure options for family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The United States has also initiated evacuation measures, utilizing helicopter flights to transport its citizens from Haiti. The U.S. State Department has scheduled multiple evacuation flights to ensure the safe return of its citizens amidst the escalating crisis.


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