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Burnaboy reveals why he can’t have kids yet


Burna Boy, the Grammy-winning Nigerian musician, has shared his thoughts on parenthood, clarifying his stance on having children

In an Instagram live session with his fans, he expressed his admiration for his parents’ dedication to their children, stating, “I can’t have kids because I won’t be there for them, unlike the way my parents are there for me.”

Burna Boy acknowledged that his busy schedule wouldn’t allow him to be the present and involved parent he aspires to be.

Additionally, he addressed rumors about his ability to have children, declaring, “Rumors that I’m unable to have kids are untrue.”

And even if it were true, science offers various solutions.

We have options like adoption, surrogacy, and assisted reproductive technologies. So, that’s not a concern for me.”

By prioritizing his ability to be a dedicated parent over having biological children, Burna Boy demonstrates his commitment to being a responsible and loving father, whenever that may be.

He values the support and presence of his own parents in his life and aims to replicate that for his future children.

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