Home World News Building collapses in South Africa leaves many trapped

Building collapses in South Africa leaves many trapped


A towering construction project in George, South Africa, collapses, trapping over 50 people. The calamity has claimed four lives, with many others fighting for survival under the rubble.

Rescue teams, equipped with heavy machinery and trained dogs, scramble to save lives in the aftermath of the disaster. So far, 24 individuals have been rescued, while the fate of others remains uncertain.

Eyewitnesses recount the horror as the five-story structure crumbled, with workers caught in the chaos. Despite the efforts of emergency responders, the cause of the collapse remains under investigation.

Amidst the tragedy, the community unites in grief and hope. Mayor Ald Van Wyk expresses solidarity with affected families, acknowledging the anguish of those awaiting news of their loved ones.

As the search continues, the resilient spirit of George shines through, with rescuers working tirelessly through the night to bring survivors to safety. The nation mourns the lives lost and prays for the swift rescue of those still trapped.


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