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British farmers protest against food importation


British farmers drove tractors to Parliament in protest against what they see as low-quality food imports and post-Brexit trade deals, echoing global concerns among growers.

Dozens of tractors, adorned with Union Jack flags and banners declaring “no farmers, no food, no future,” gathered outside Britain’s Parliament on Monday, as farmers voiced their discontent over post-Brexit trade agreements and the influx of what they consider subpar food imports.

Demanding clearer food labelling and measures to enhance food security, the farmers urged the government to enforce stricter standards on imported food. They criticized trade deals that permit the importation of food produced to lower standards, which they argue undermines local agriculture.

Liz Webster, the founder of Save British Farming, expressed disappointment in the government’s failure to uphold high standards and prevent Britain from becoming a destination for low-quality imports. She emphasized the detrimental impact of such imports on domestic farming.

This demonstration is part of a broader trend of farmer protests worldwide, with European farmers also voicing concerns about the competition posed by cheaper imports and advocating for stricter environmental regulations.


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