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Appointments: You Have Neglected Us, Osun APC Group Tells President Tinubu



A group identified as the Progressives Youths in Ede Federal Constituency has decried the jettison and neglection of the constituency in the appointment routines of President Asiwaju’s administration.

This was made known on Monday via a press statement signed and made available to AMILOADED NEWS AGENCY by APC youth leaders across the federal constituency.

According to the group, the constituency has always been a lion’s den for the loyalists and faithfuls of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in this constituency since the senatorial bye-election between Senator Mudasir Hussein and Senator Ademola Adeleke, who is an Ede son and brother to the former Osun Governor Serubawon Isiaka Adeleke.

The group also claimed that Ademola Adeleke pitching a tent with the PDP as a senatorial candidate after the demise of the late Isiaka Adeleke, which he won by a very wide margin, rebirthed the already-buried PDP in the Ede federal constituency and marked the beginning of our struggle as progressives.

While describing Asler as a good party man and political actor, the group appealed to the state party chairman, Alhaji Tajudeen Sooko, former governors of Osun State, Alhaji Isiak Adegboyega Oyetola, and Chief Bisi Akande to please look into this claim and do the necessary things before this constituency becomes a zero zone for the APC subsequently due to jettisoning.

The statement partly reads:

Flash back to 2018, prior to the governorship election that produced our father, Governor Isiak Adegboyega Oyetola. It took the glory of God, tenacity from party members, and sacrifice from a genuine partyman, Prof. Mojeed Alabi, who dropped the National Assembly ticket to another Ede son, Right Hon. Adejare Bello, to get meaningful votes (11,000 votes or thereabouts) from Ede, where the PDP candidate, Senator Ademola Adeleke Hale, lived.

Unfortunately, Hon. Adejare Bello lost the National Assembly election to Hon.Bamidele Salam, who was financed and backed by the Adeleke country as revenge on their kinsman. This gesture from Prof. Mojeed Alabi is undoubtedly a political calculation worthy of note.

During the 2022 election again between Gov. Oyetola and Ademola Adeleke, it was a fierce battle, with Ede North and South dominated by the kingpin Adeleke and Egbedore dominated by Bamidele Salam, who worked out his life for his second term ticket, leaving behind only Ejigbo for the APC in this constituency.

Thanks to all APC faithfuls and the doggedness of our leaders, of note the financial support of an Ejigbo son, David Ayodele Asalu Asler, who was a good catch for the Progressives fold and a genuine motivator for the youths in the party, we garnered meaningful and unexpected votes, but unfortunately the election was lost to Ademola Adeleke.

Though we were consoled by the administration of the then President Muhammed Buhari with an ambassadorial appointment to Mexico (Amb. Adejare Bello), he has since returned, leaving this constituency vacant of political office.

The entire youths of the party from Ede federal constituency went agog when Asler was announced as the chairman of youths and student mobilization during the election campaign of Asiwaju in the state because it was a round peg in a round hole and that showed youths representation. David Asalu Asler rejuvenated the youths in the party across the state, and in reward for this great gesture, the entire youths stood on our grounds and delivered massive votes for Asiwaju. 

It has now generated rancor among the progressive youths of Ede federal constituency because, out of our numerous qualified leaders, none are deemed fit and capable for any political appointments.