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Adekunle Gold reacts to man’s wish for his wife, Simi to break his heart


Adekunle Gold, a popular Afrobeats singer, responded to a comment from a netizen named Reynold who wished for his wife, Simi, to break his heart.

The singer had initially shared a story about his past relationship, revealing that his song “Damn Delilah” was inspired by a former girlfriend who was double-dating him and another guy. He had received threats from the other man, leading to a heartbreak that inspired the song.

Reynold commented on Adekunle Gold’s recent post about his past love life, saying, “I need Simi to break your heart because the song that comes after will definitely bang.”

Adekunle Gold reacted by sharing a meme that implied that Reynold was mad or insane and probably had no one to tell him so.

Adekunle Gold’s response to Reynold’s comment was a lighthearted way of dismissing the idea that he would want his wife to break his heart.

The exchange has sparked a humorous conversation among fans, with many appreciating the singer’s wit and sense of humor.

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