Home World News 4,000 inmates ESCAPE in Haiti’s prison break

4,000 inmates ESCAPE in Haiti’s prison break


Haiti was plunged deeper into chaos over the weekend after a deadly gang assault on the capital’s main prison allowed thousands of inmates to escape

Dozens were killed in the ‘massacre’ and only around 100 of Port-au-Prince’s National Penitentiary’s estimated 3,800 inmates were still inside the facility Sunday after the assault, Pierre Esperance of the National Network for Defense of Human Rights said.

The Caribbean country’s government declared a state of emergency on Sunday – as well as a night-time curfew – in a bid to regain control amid a surge in violence.

But there was no sign of the violence abating.

Powerful gang leader Jimmy Cherisier, known by the nickname Barbecue, said in a video posted on social media that armed groups in Haiti were acting in concert ‘to get Prime Minister Ariel Henry to step down.’

This was after a visit by the country’s controversial Prime Minister to Kenya to sign a deal that will see police from the East African country deployed to Haiti to lead a UN-backed law and order mission to the gang-plagued nation.

An AFP news agency reporter who visited the prison on Sunday observed around a dozen bodies outside it and hardly anyone inside.

Some bodies had wounds from bullets or other projectiles.

In its statement late Sunday, the Haitian government said security forces had ‘received orders to use all legal means at their disposal to enforce the curfew and detain those who violate it.’

It said the objective was to allow the government to ‘re-establish order and take the appropriate measures to take back control of the situation.’