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13-year-old boy commits SU!CIDE


The family of Mr and Mrs Saul Hashimu, residents of Ungwan Maigero Community in the Chikun Local Government Area (LGA) of Kaduna State, are demanding justice over the d3ath of their 13-year-old son, Wisdom, whose death was caused by an alleged brutality by a soldier and members of the civilian Joint Task Force (JTF) in the area

The deceased, who until his death, was living with his parents on Lafiya Sarki Street in the same LGA was said to have committed su!cide inside their compound, after he was falsely accused of stealing N10,000 from a neighbour and allegedly tortured by a soldier and civilian JTF members.

The teenager was said to have committed suicide on Friday, June 6, 2024.

Before his mysterious death, Wisdom, who was writing his Junior Secondary School examination, was on June 1, 2024, severely beaten to a pulp by a soldier and members of the civilian JTF.

Wisdom was accused of stealing the sum from a 16-year-old neighbor known as Hope, who reportedly invited her boyfriend, one Segun Samson who is a serving soldier at Bodi Camp in Port-Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

Rather than reporting to the police, the soldier was said to have dragged Wisdom and Hope’s brother — both accused of stealing the money — to the civilian JTF office.

At the civilian JTF office, Wisdom was said to have been severely beaten to the point where he was unable to walk.

He returned home after receiving medical attention but the story changed for the worse on Thursday, June 6th, 2024 as Wisdom’s lifeless body was found hanging on a noose at the back of their compound when his parents were not around.
The death of Wisdom has left his parents distraught as his grieving father narrated what happened.

“On 1st of June, 2024, I was in Zaria when I received information that Wisdom was alleged of stealing my neighbour’s daughter (Miss Hope Danladi)’s N1000,” he said.

“I was further told that the Civilian JTF took the law into their own hands and beat Wisdom. But, beyond my wildest imagination, the Civilian JTF only beat Wisdom to a point of coma while Hope’s younger brother was spared and returned home unscathed.

“After interrogation at home, her (Hope’s) younger brother confessed to the crime. When he was searched, N9000 was found in his pocket, and he said he had spent N1000 already.”

“I was also told that Hope called her boyfriend, Segun Samson, who identified himself to the Civilian JTF in Dokaji Street in Narayi as a serving soldier at Bodi Camp in Port-Harcourt after brandishing his ID Card for validation.

“This was after Hope called Samson, and he bundled Wisdom and Hope’s younger brother to the civilian JTF office, and he prevailed on the Civilian JTF to discipline the boys.

“My son was severely beaten by the Civilian JTF to the point that he was unable to walk. We took him to the hospital where he received medical attention while we reported the matter to the police station.

“On Thursday, while I was away, I was told to rush back home, that my son was dead, that he hanged himself with a rope at the back of our compound.

“Though my son is dead, I can’t question God. He is gone. But I want the authorities to ensure that justice is served, and those that brutalised my son be brought to book. This will serve as a deterrent to others.”

Meanwhile, the Kaduna State Police Command said it was aware of the incident, and has commenced full investigation into it to ensure that justice is served and those behind Wisdom’s death are apprehended and prosecuted accordingly to the law.